You Can Buy Eye Glasses Online From New York at Great Prices

If you wear glasses or even contact lenses to correct your vision, you need to have your sight checked at least every two years. If you find that your vision has changed, you need to get an update on your prescription for new lenses. Most of the time, the place you go to to get you lens prescription filled will also want to sell you new frames for the new lenses. Often your selection is limited and can be expensive. You can purchase Eye Glasses online New York NY, however, going on the Internet and picking the glasses frames you want. Then you simply email or fax the office your prescription and they will put the lens into the frame you select and send them right to your home or office.

If you’re ordering reading glasses or sunglasses that don’t need prescription lenses, your glasses will be shipped out the following business day. If you are ordering glasses requiring prescription lenses, then it will take 3 business days for your glasses to be assembled and shipped to you. When you order prescription glasses, you will need to tell them if you want single vision or bifocal. You would also need to let them know if you want progressive lenses (the kind of lenses that change colors in the sunlight and get clear when you wear them inside). You would also need to send them your prescription or you could have them give a call to your examining doctor.In addition to glasses in frames, you can get contact lenses online, too.

All of the major brands like Acuvue, PurVision, Proclear and many of the lesser brands are available. You can get multifocal lenses, color lenses, toric lenses or even contacts that you wear and throw away so you wear new ones that can be sent to you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. You get great prices and they come right to your door.The most compelling reason for buying Eye Glasses online New York NY is price. You can find some great prices on frames. The second most stated reason is the convenience of having them delivered to your door. It doesn’t get much easier than that.



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