Wine Grape Vines For Sale in California

If you are looking for wine grape vines for sale in California for your established vineyard or if you are looking to begin growing your own wine grapes, choosing a variety can be a challenge. There are important factors to consider, including knowing your local climate and annual rainfall, as well as which types of wine you are looking to produce or sell.

Finding Your Plant Hardiness Zone

The USDA has compiled a helpful chart for determining in which zone your vineyard is located, based on minimum winter temperature in the areas. In California, your latitude and elevation play a big role in this number, and can change over a relatively small distance, as there are a large number of micro-climates in the state. You can enter your zip code on the USDA site to find your specific zone.

Rainfall is important, as it will determine how much irrigation you will need for your new grapes while being careful not to over-water them. Particularly in the spring, too much water can suffocate plants. Our grapevines are a good fit for all zones in California, and have been sold all around the world. By carefully following our planting and irrigation instructions for your grape vines, you should have success growing your vineyard.

Choosing Your Grape Variety

Choosing the type of grapevines you want to purchase might be based on any number of things. Maybe you’ve got someone who needs a supplier for a specific variety, or maybe you are looking to expand your current vineyard production. You may be looking for a small-scale vineyard, with just enough for personal and hobby wine use. Whatever your reason, having a wide range of options is important.

We sell dozens of grapevine varieties, both red and white, so you can have the best choice available at Our red wine grapes include Barbera, Durif, and Pinot Noir, among many others. Many of them are bred for specific traits and purposes. Our white varieties include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and several types of Muscat. We can help walk you through your grape selection, as different varieties have different planting needs, and will provide specific planting information for your chosen varieties.

Purchase Wine Grape Vines

Once you have determined your climate needs and which varieties of grape you want to plant, contact us to purchase your new vines. Ordering in bulk saves money, so the more you buy, the less you pay per plant. For purchases of over 1000 plants, please contact us directly for a quote. We are here to help you have a positive grapevine growing experience, and to provide you with high quality grapes and vineyard education.

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