What does an Emergency Flashing Light Mean?

In most states, police and other first responders use various colors of flashing lights. While the colors vary from state to state, it is important to know what type of emergency flashing lights are restricted to just emergency vehicles and what colors can be used on civilian vehicles.

Who Uses Emergency Flashing Lights?

Most commonly, emergency flashing lights are seen on fire engines, ambulances and police cars. When an emergency occurs, these vehicles need to be able to move more quickly through traffic. The flashing lights ensure that other vehicles know to move over to let the responders get through.

You can Buy Emergency Lights, but can You Use Them?

When you go online, you can find a number of emergency flashing lights that you can purchase. The question is, are you able to legally use them on your personal vehicle? Each state has their own laws regarding the use of emergency flashing lights and it is best to get to know what these are.

Private and Off Road Use

One of the main times that a person can purchase and use warning lights is if they are going to be used on a personal vehicle that is being driven off-road. Private security firms and farmers use these quite often for various vehicles they use. These vehicles are typically used on private property, such as in parking lots, malls, or on a farm. The majority of state regulations regarding emergency lights only apply to use on the actual road. As a result, you can use the lights on private property.

Learning the requirements about flashing lights can help you know what you can and cannot use. This will help ensure you don’t violate any laws in your state. Additional help and information about flashing lights can be found by visiting the Ultra Bright Lightz website.

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