What Diamond Buyers Los Angeles Look for when Buying Jewelry?

You may find yourself with a jewelry piece that you have had for years and actually thought it was made out of a precious stone only to take it to a dealer who tells you it is fake or offers you a really low price for it. Selling and buying diamond jewelry is a very tricky business, especially due to the many fakes in circulation. When it comes to buying jewelry from individuals, diamond buyers Los Angeles have a very strict process of scrutinizing the jewelry pieces before pricing or even buying them all together.
In order to understand why your jewelry gets priced in a certain way, even though you may feel it is worth much more, you should have an idea of what diamond buyers look at when buying jewelry. diamond buyers in buyers Los Angeles will probably have an appraisal professional to check the quality of the diamonds and the jewelry before making a purchase. However, the following are usually the general pointers to lookout for.


* There are four qualities that diamond buyers Los Angeles are keen on; cut, color, clarity and carat. These are the four Cs of diamond quality and are the most basic means of determining the quality of diamond jewelry. Once you understand the four Cs, it will be quite easy to spot the real diamonds from the fakes and you will not end up being disappointed when you get a low price for your seemingly precious jewelry.

* The setting quality of the jewelry and the diamonds is also another thing that diamond buyers are keen on when buying individual diamond jewelry pieces. Diamonds being generally a precious stone is never set on poor quality metals and the setting will not display poor workmanship. There is a lot of detailed precision that goes into designing diamond jewelry and this should be evident in jewelry that has been used for many years.

* Diamonds are considered to have the highest tensile strength among other precious stones. They are not impervious to surface damage but they are very durable and therefore do not get a lot of cracks, nicks and scratches. Diamond buyers have to ensure that the diamond piece in the jewelry itself is in good condition with a few signs of aging for old jewelry pieces. Anything that has more that superficial damage is not a real diamond.

* When it comes to the color qualities of the diamond, there are two important things that diamond buyers will check for. The reflection color of real diamonds is shades of gray. Any stone that sparkles in rainbow colors is not a real diamond. Real diamonds are also not transparent enough to read through. You should try reading a piece of text through the diamonds.

Getting the right information on the quality of your diamond jewelry is very difficult. The best diamond buyers Los Angeles area Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers, will offer you the best price on all your genuine diamond jewelry pieces.

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