Uses of Survival Bands – The Ultimate Survival Gear

Survival bands provide all the essentials on your wrist that you can during various situations. It is basically a survival gear that you can use anytime, anywhere, anyplace. A quality survival band can serve as a fishing line, can opener, fishing hook, handcuff key, flint fire starter rod, a buckle, a whistle and various other uses. It can be your most important accessory when you are stuck at a remote place with no help in hand.

Here we will inform about 5 essential uses of Survival Bands when camping or tracking outdoors.

Emergency Bandoliers

If you get injured while trekking outside, you can use Survival bands to stop the flow of blood. The survival bands can also be used to stop poison from snakebite from spreading to other parts of the body. You can tightly wrap the band around the affected area and stop the flow of blood.

Making a Fire Bow

Survival bands can be used to make a fire a bow to start the fire. This can come in handy when you cannot find twigs or broken leaves to start the fire. Moreover, the survival band can especially come in handy during rainy conditions when you cannot find dry twigs to start the fire.

Fishing Line

Another great use of survival band is used it as a fishing line to catch fishes. You can remove the inner core of the survival band and use it as a fishing line. Again this will prove invaluable in case you have depleted your existing food supply while trekking or camping outside near a river. The survival band is water proof, so you don’t have to worry about getting it damaged when used as a fishing line.

Dental Floss

Taking care of your hygiene is important even when you are on an adventure outside. You use the inner core of the survival band as a dental floss to remove bits and pieces from the teeth. This is an important use for people that are extremely conscious about their health and hygiene.

Hunting Animals

You can use the inner core of the survival band to lash small arrowhead to a spear. The spear can be used to hunt small animals like rabbits. This is another great use of the survival band that can make the difference between life and death while having adventure in remote places outside.

On a final note, survival bands are an essential accessory for campers and other people who regularly go on a hiking adventure. The versatile uses of the survival bands makes it a must have accessory that you can use to survive while hiking or trekking in remote places.

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