Putting Modesty First In Swimwear

Islamic swimwear for women is changing. When women decide to involve themselves in healthy activities such as swimming, it is essential they can participate. Yet, it is also necessary they remain modest. The movement towards fashion in Islamic swimwear, it becomes vital women respect their culture without interfering in the healthy enjoyment of swimming.

Types of Islamic Swimwear

As with other types of Muslim women attire, Islamic swimwear has undergone changes in design and material. Currently two basic types of Islamic swimwear for women are on the market. These are the traditional burqa and the modern Burquini.

The Burqa

While no longer as popular as in the past, the burka still is worn by women around the world. This particular type of Islamic swimwear consists of large swaths of flowing cloth. They modestly cover the entire body from head to ankles. Yet, they are not practical when it comes to actually swimming. Moreover, the amount of material prevents women from actively taking part in water sports or even enjoying diving into the water.

Another downside of older traditional Islamic swimwear was the material. It was natural or heavy man made material. Once wet, it weighed down a swimmer – which could result in drowning. When wet, it took longer to dry thus preventing any other activity upon emerging from the water. Wet fabric also attracted sand from the beaches and was susceptible to fading and other issues of a similar nature.


A burquini is a more modern form of Islamic swimwear. Some designers specifically create swimwear in this style. They choose between burquinis with loose and tight pants. Nevertheless, the swimwear for women does follow the Islamic dress code. It modestly covers all but the face, hands and feet.

Burquinis and similar Islamic swimwear may be in two or three pieces. A three-piece suit consists of a hood or head covering, a swimsuit and pants. A two-piece swimsuit usually includes an attached hood. Either variation of Islamic swimwear is notable for several things. They allow women more freedom to move in water. They are suitable for participating in water sports. They are fabricated of quickly drying material. Many are UV and chlorine resistant. They also indicate a concern with style.

Islamic Swimwear

From the traditional burqa to the more modern and stylish burquini, Islamic swimwear has proceeded to embrace the concept of style without reducing the need for modesty to prevail. Today Islamic women can enjoy the pleasures of swimming in all types of water while respecting their culture.

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