Picking a Cardigan Sweater for Men

The cardigan sweater is a classic piece of clothing for both men and women. They bring style to just about any outfit. They are also very warm, comfortable pieces to use in the fall or winter or for a chilly night during the summer. Yet, when it comes to choosing a cardigan, the sheer number of options makes it hard to pick one. Find out what you should look for in a cardigan and how it can fit in with your personal style.

A Little History

Some people think that cardigans are only for women, but this is actually wrong. The history of the cardigan shows a different beginning. Cardigans actually received their name from a male. The Earl of Cardigan (James Thomas Brudenell) was an important man in the British military. This historical figure led the light cavalry brigade in the Crimean war. He was also a well-known aristocrat who sported these sweaters with pride and honor. If the 7th Earl of Cardigan can wear men’s wool cardigan sweaters, so can you.

What Makes a Cardigan?

The cardigan sweater has a very distinct, recognizable style. These sweaters have an open front that closes with buttons along the front. In a way, it is like a very light jacket. The material used in cardigan sweaters is usually a soft, supple version of wool or cashmere. This is why cardigans are often called three-season sweaters. You can find a time to use them during any season of the year and are perfect for layering.

How to Wear Cardigans

Men’s wool cardigan sweaters are versatile and functional. They are the perfect complement layered beneath a sport jacket & buttoned up, or over a button down or t-shirt unbuttoned for a more casual look. Once you get a cardigan sweater, you can wear it just about anywhere.

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