Miscellaneous Supplies You Need on Hand for Making a Quality Quilt

Piecing together a quilt requires you to do far more than just stitch together pieces of fabric. You also have to back and trim it and even pad the quilt to make it more aesthetically pleasing and soft.

To make the best quilt possible, you may need to stock up on a variety of supplies. When you are in the market for supplies like quilt batting in Canada, you may find what you need online rather than your local big box store.


Quilt batting in Canada is used to pad the afghan or quilt that you are making. It is made out of soft cotton or poly fiber. It looks like pulled apart cotton balls and is soft to the touch.

Some quilters like to use batting in their projects to give their quilts or afghans more bulk and texture. This material also makes the blanket softer and more comfortable on which to sit or lie. You do not have to use very much batting to achieve the desired results in your project.

Ribbon and Trim

When you are making an afghan or quilt, you also may want to trim and decorate it. Many quilters use half- or one-inch ribbon as trim. Others use thinner strips of plain fabric as a trim.

You can also use ribbon as ties on top and in the corner of quilts. You can tie the ribbon into a bow or another design to get the artistic look you want.

Once you start quilting, you may be taken aback at the number of supplies you actually need. While the supplies themselves are not costly, they are critical to have on hand to create projects that will hold up well over time. You may find that you can create high-quality quilts, afghans, and other projects with them.

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