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For most people, a BB gun or airsoft gun is something a child plays with, a toy that someone plinks tin cans with in their back yard. For a select few, however, an airsoft gun is a passion, a finely-tuned machine with which to deliver precision strikes against any enemy, whether it’s a target trap or a friend in the field of mock combat. These people are the Airsoft gun enthusiasts, and the most dedicated among them are the people for whom Madbull creates their products.

About Madbull

This is a company that does not make Airsoft guns, but simply makes them better. The company specializes in enhancements that make airsoft guns more powerful, precise and error-free. They make both internal pieces for gun construction or upgrading and external pieces to be attached to airsoft guns. They were founded in 2004 and currently have licensing from over 25 companies, including big names like Barrett, Ace and Troy. Their design team is based in Taiwan and they continue to focus on making exciting new products for Airsoft users.


Some of the great products Madbull creates for Airsoft guns include major components like barrels, stocks, barrel extensions and gun bodies. They also make the small parts, things like retaining rings, washers and barrel nuts. Beyond that, the company also makes projectiles. Their BBs are often considered to be very high quality “performance” ammunition.

Why Upgrade Airsoft Guns?

While Airsoft guns are just fine out of the box, people love to personalize their weapons. Going to an after market company for a replacement barrel, stock or even just a barrel extension makes their gun unique and personal. For those enhancements that do give a bit more velocity or truer aim at greater distances, those are advantages that a person can use in war games. Even if the enhancement just makes the gun look cooler, that’s an advantage that could be put to good use when competing for bragging rights with a few old school buddies. Also, original parts sometimes wear out and get damaged—why not replace them with a piece of specialized, top-of-the-line equipment?

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