How to create beautiful cakes with a fondant rolling pin

A fondant rolling pin is the ideal tool to use to flatten out your fondant. This baking tool is easy to handle, convenient, and simple to use. It provides bakers of all experience levels with a method of flattening their fondant like a professional. Whether you are placing the rolled fondant on cakes or using it for cutouts to decorate your cake, you can enjoy the simplicity of using a fondant rolling pin.

Fondant rolling pin with guides

The good thing about using a fondant rolling pin instead of a standard rolling pin is that the fondant rolling pin typically comes with guides. These guides allow you to eliminate the guesswork. By using guides with your fondant rolling pin, you can make sure that your final sheet of fondant is at an even thickness. This creates a beautifully finished sheet of fondant that looks amazing and goes onto your cakes with ease.

Fondant rolling pin vs. regular rolling pin

Of course it is possible to use a standard rolling pin when you need to roll out fondant. However ultimately it is better to use a fondant rolling pin since it is lighter and easier to use. It doesn’t flatten the fondant down too thin like a standard wooden rolling pin would do. The best fondant rolling pins are made out of polyethylene plastic and range in size from 7 inches to 9 inches and up to 13 inches.

Your fondant rolling pin will help you to create perfectly flat fondant that you can use to create fondant cut out shapes and designs. You can also place your fondant on top of your cakes for the perfect finish that is ready for decorating. Your fondant rolling pin will be your best tool to help you create stunning designs as a professional or hobby baker.

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