How To Buy A Girls Bedding Set in Green Bay WI With Safety In Mind

With all of the gorgeous and enticing things stores have to offer parents of young ones, it is easy to buy whatever is in sight, especially when it comes to decor and a Girls Bedding Set in Green Bay WI for that special little girl. However, just because something is cute does not necessarily mean it is safe to have in the bedroom of a young child. With that in mind, here are some safety tips for decorating the child’s bedroom.

Check The Furniture

It’s no secret that kids of all ages just love to climb. Typically, that will include climbing on everything in sight, even the furniture. This is why it is so important to ensure the furniture, especially dressers and shelves, is both stable and secure. If not, the pieces stand a good chance of tipping over on the child. This can result in very serious injuries up to and including death. Along with making sure all furniture is stable, experts recommend making sure the cabinets and drawers have locking mechanisms in place that are built into the unit or have been purchased for that specific use. This prevents the child from getting into things they should not be getting into.

Bedding And The Like

When it comes to picking out a Girls Bedding Set in Green Bay WI, make sure that it is fire retardant. This lessens the possibility of injuries if a fire breaks out in the home. If the child is still an infant, the parent will want to avoid putting blankets or pillows in the crib, as this may cause suffocation. Experts recommend to instead make sure they are dressed in warm clothing, such as a onesie, until they are strong enough to be able to move a blanket or pillow on their own.

Contact us if there are any questions regarding products offered, especially in regards to safety concerns or other issues of practicality. A friendly member of the team will respond as quickly as possible and give the best advice or forward the message on to someone who may be of better help, such as the manufacturer.

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