High Quality Portable Vaporizers

If you are new to vaping, it can be challenging to find the right portable vaporizer to fit your needs. Taking some extra time to do research will help you to better understand their purpose and therefore understand your what your needs are. There are a lot of them on the market so it is best to take the time to research them.

Kandy Pens K-Vape
When it comes to dry herb vaporizer pens, nothing comes close to touching the Kandy Pens K-Vape. It is flowers only and goes along with their three in one pen. It looks a lot like the G Pro form factor as it has most of the same accessories, screens, charger, etc. The chamber on this vaporizer is very deep and has a much bigger chamber then Pax who they currently compete with. They even give you a lifetime warranty and a 20% off coupon when you visit their website.

This dry herb vaporizer is a bit more expensive than the other vaporizers in this review, but it definitely packs a big punch to make up for the cost. It is known for its sophisticated look as well as the fastest heat up time of any other vaporizer available to date. It has a magnetic top which is very easy to load and a heating chamber made of glass. The battery can be easily swapped and can be changed in about 45-50 hits and heats up to nearly 400 degrees. This one is extremely popular and there have been a lot of counterfeits made of this product.

Arizer Solo
This one is an older model and also a little more expensive than the others. It has an old-fashioned look and is not as refined as the latest models. The good part about that is that it is a very simple unit and has a lengthy battery life so you do not have to worry about consistently charging it. You can use this vaporizer for up to three hours and no other vaporizer has that capability. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can hold a charge for many weeks. It is also able to heat while you are charging it. It can heat up to 410 degrees and goes to sleep on its own in about 12 minutes. This one may be old-fashioned in style, but it definitely is anything but in quality.

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