Fondant Stiletto: Ultimate Woman Power Cake Topper

Who says you have to be a cake decorating pro to craft professional quality cake toppers? The Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit provides all the tools and instruction necessary to create a fondant stiletto you can tailor to any occasion.

What’s in the Box

The Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit is the brainchild of award-winning cake decorator Lisa Mansour. The kit contains everything you need to craft a brilliant, realistic stiletto out of fondant, gumpaste, isomalt or even chocolate. It contains a high heel silicone mold; shoe, heel and toe templates; a toe and sole drying rack; and a storage shoe box.

The kit’s simplicity belies its usefulness at crafting an enormous array of stiletto shoes. Using the supplies, you can create an open-toe stiletto, a closed-toe stiletto, or a stiletto with a single-side strap.

Fun Ways to Personalize Each Crafted Stiletto

Corresponding molds sold separately let you create your own unique accents to adorn each stiletto. There are diamond-encrusted bow-shaped molds and flower brooch molds, for example.

There are also mats and rolling pins that impart texture to sheets of fondant. Pearl impression mats create fondant that evokes pearl-encrusted material. Other mats and rolling pins let you emboss fondant to create serpentine skin or even animal prints.

Meanwhile, using professional quality dyes to color your fondant results in stiletto shoes with fun, vibrant shades suited to your fancy or a special event. Craft a bright pink stiletto for a breast cancer survivor or a stiletto to match a given women’s birthstone.

You can also incorporate different colored fondants into a single shoe to mimic signature effects of your favorite luxury brands, such as Laboutin’s world famous red sole.

The Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit is a wonderful addition to your craft fondant repertoire and also makes a great gift for a budding cake decorator or an enthusiastic amateur.

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