Finding the Right Wholesale E-Cig Supplies

For a lot of people, running an e-cig shop is a dream come true. Getting to hang out and interact with fellow vape enthusiasts while teaching newbies about the wonders that vaping has to offer them — what could be better? Unfortunately, owning a vape shop isn’t all fun and games. There are the usual chores associated with owning a brick and mortar, like taking care of bills, paying rent and making sure the building is up to code. There’s also the issue of the best place to buy wholesale e-cig supplies. This is one area where you want to be extremely careful. Not all wholesale websites are what they appear, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with a box full of knock-offs with who knows what inside. So what’s a business owner to do when it comes to buying wholesale e-cig supplies?

Remember Your Demographic

When buying wholesale e-cig supplies, you always have to keep your customers’ demographic in mind. See a lot of seasoned pros with dozens of vape boxes lying around their house? Make sure you have a good selection of quality mods available. They probably want the latest and greatest so be sure you are staying up-to-date on industry news. Do you tend to see a lot of customers who are interested in vaping but have never tried it before? Try to keep a couple varieties of starter kits in stock so they have an easy introduction to the hobby. If you see a lot of people new to vaping, it’s also a good idea to put together a sample station in your store so they can try all of your flavors before they buy. There’s no e-liquid out there that will please everyone, and this gives your customers a chance to see what tickles their fancy before breaking the bank on juice they don’t like. If you can provide them with great service and products, you’ll have probably earned yourself a lifetime customer.

Working With MOQs

Businesses that wholesale e-cig supplies, like many other wholesale businesses, often have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products. MOQs can be rough on people who own small vape shops, as they may not have the space to store the extra items or the money saved up to make it a sound financial decision. Thankfully, there are some companies that don’t have an MOQ for wholesale e-cig supplies, like KingdomVapor. Buying from a wholesaler like this lets you order exactly what you need every time — and not one drip tip more.

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