Finding the Best Pads for Your Dog’s Bathroom Needs From Brooklyn Stores

Bringing a new puppy into your home sometimes means that you’re going to clean up messes on the floor. A way to keep this from happening is by using the best puppy pee pads until you’re able to train your dog to go outside. Here are a few tips for finding just the right ones for the size of the dog you have and your dog’s needs when using the bathroom.


When you’re puppy drinks water, it will need to go somewhere to relieve itself. If your puppy drinks a lot of water, then you might notice that some puppy pads don’t absorb moisture like others. Consider moisture-lock features that prevent fluids from spreading. These features can sometimes save the condition of your floor as well.


Another feature that you want to consider when choosing the best puppy pee pads is the size of the pad. Larger pads can sometimes make your puppy feel a bit more comfortable while using the bathroom until it begins venturing outside. As your puppy begins gaining control of where to use the bathroom, you can begin getting smaller pads that don’t take up as much space on the floor.


When your puppy uses his pad, he might get excited and want to run from the area when he’s done. This can result in tears on the pad. Try to find pads that are sturdy so that they won’t rip as easily as others as there could be padding everywhere along with excess urine on the floor.

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