Finding High-Quality Accessories for Today’s Gauged Ears

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when it seemed that every teenager and young adult was jumping on the trend of gauging their ears. This process – involving the use of graduated plugs to facilitate the gradual stretching of the preexisting holes present in earlobes from traditional piercings – was particularly popular in the years between 2000-2010. However, the practice fell out of favor with youngsters when people began to realize that this modification was a permanent one – and required long-term commitment and upkeep.

There are still many people who love the look and feel of gauged ears or practice the process because of cultural reasons. However, with style has lost its luster with teens and co-eds, there are fewer places to buy ear gauges and plugs in today’s shopping centers and malls.

Find It Online

Shopping online is the safest bet for today’s fans of the gauged look. With many companies from a decade ago having moved their business here – and many merchants who have come on the scene in more recent times – there is no shortage of options for those seeking accessories for modified ears. With options available for both masculine and feminine styles, there is something for everyone.

Endless Options

Today’s gauged accessories are more than simple circles and plain, round tunnels. Consumers can buy gauges and plugs in many materials and styles, including:

*     Real wood plugs and tunnels
*     Sleek metal styles
*     Rubber and silicon substances that make for easy care and upkeep
*     Styles that offer beautiful metalwork designs
*     Dangling chains and delicate accents
    Looks to match any ensemble or outfit
*     Any color imaginable – and some you may have never considered!

No matter what lovers of the stretched-lobe look are seeking, there are gorgeous, comfortable and easy-to-care-for options available. For those still enjoying the look after casual fans have moved on – and looking for pieces that will allow them to continue enjoying their accessories for years to come – there is no better time to shop for gauges and plugs than right this minute!

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