Designing A Multi-Tier Cake Using Round Cake Pans

Making a tiered cake is more challenging than making a layered cake. A layered cake uses multiple layers of similarly sized cakes, usually round and one to two inches in depth. These are layered on top of each other and separated with frosting or filling.

As the layers of cake are the same size, depth, and shape, constructing the cake is relatively simple. Of course, by buying all of your supplies at top wholesales like N.Y Cake, even a more challenging tiered cake is easy to do on your first attempt.

The tiered cake is made with different sizes of round cake pans. This includes both differences in depth for each tier as well as differences in diameter. The diameter moves from the largest diameter at the bottom or the base to the smaller circumference on the top tier.

Choose Quality Round Cake Pans

Choosing professional quality round cake pans is essential. This ensures the sides of each layer are straight, which makes it easier in putting the cake together and creating stability in the design.

It is also important to support the weight of each tier of the cake. Special dowels are used to provide support and stability, and these can be purchased from the same supplier as the professional quality aluminum cake pans.

By using cake pans from the same manufacturer, it is easy to keep each tier centered in the design. Use the cake pan as a marker on the layer below, pressing gently into the frosting or the fondant to create an imprint to insert the doweling and to ensure the structure is centered.

Finally, royal icing is used between the tiers to act as glue to prevent the tier from shifting or sliding. Make sure each tier is completely level and stable before adding the next.

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