Defining Characteristic of Full Tang Swords

Knives and swords are some of the oldest weapons known to man, and they were the arms of choice for most warriors all over the world. These razor-sharp edged weapons inspired fear and redirected the course of military planning by creating a new lethal way to fight enemies. Today, people own swords for a variety of reasons, whether they are recreating past battles or simply learning to fight with a sword as a hobby.

What is a Full Tang Sword?

There are a variety of sword options on the market today, from decorative to weapons ready for wielding. But what sets these two categories apart has to do with the way the sword is constructed, whether in two piece or one. Real full tang swords features the blade which runs the entire length of the weapon, even underneath the handle. Full tang swords are extremely strong and usually have a better balance than the alternatives, which allows the user to better wield them and actually swing and strike. The alternatives are known as partial or rat tail swords and, if wielded, may break where the handle meets the blade because they are constructed using two different pieces of metal connected by fusing the two together.

Buying a Full Tang Sword

Always take some time to thoroughly research each company option before you decide where to buy full tang swords. Make sure that the website or store is reviewed positively by previous customers, and consider asking about where the swords are made and how the process works. Visit our official website for a huge variety of knives and swords as well as a variety of other information and items. A great full tang sword will serve you well and last many years into the future as you begin learning to use your new sword.

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