Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

Being at the point of your life where you need to select an engagement ring can be an up and down wave of emotions. Add to that all of the choices you will be faced with just for selecting the ring and you end up with a stressful but exciting time.

Engagement Rings in History

Historically, engagement or wedding rings have been around since the Egyptian times, and most likely long before. The Egyptians believed the “vena amoris” was a vein in the body that connected the heart to the third finger so couples would wear wire rings to show this connection. In the 1860’s, diamonds became much more available with the discovery of a mine in South Africa. Less than 15 years later, the DeBeers Mining Company was founded which later went on to control almost the entire world’s production of diamonds and started to openly market diamonds as the most desirable stone for women’s jewelry. Cultures over time have had different views on engagement rings. In Western societies, only the woman would wear the ring while in others both people would have matching rings.

Deciding on a Price

The age-old rule of thumb for purchasing an engagement ring says it should cost 3-month’s salary. While this may be a perfect general guideline for some, it can be unrealistic for others. You may wish to spend more or less on the perfect ring. Most jewelry stores have a way for you to create the perfect ring by selecting the band, stone setting and loose stone you would like to purchase. This not only creates an entirely custom ring for your special someone, but it can help keep the ring within a set budget. Be sure to consider the option of creating a ring instead of just buying one from the display case. You may find this option to work better for your budget and personal desires.

One Diamond or Multiple

This is entirely personal preference and can vary from cultures, generations and even your own ideals. Some cultures or couples may prefer simplicity and might want a single stone. This may also be the case if the engagement ring is to double as the wedding band in which case a simpler and streamlined design might be more desirable. For those who want a bit more sparkle and eye catching notoriety, a large stone in the center surrounded by smaller stones is an option to consider for the engagement ring. Whatever you decide, be sure to take your time. This is an important part of your life and selecting an engagement ring that will be cherished for many years to come is worth the extra effort.

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