Buttercream Or Fondant? That Is The Question.

If you are in the throes of planning for your wedding, you’ve certainly given at least some thought to your cake. For many couples, deciding on the details of the perfect wedding cake proves to be more easily said than done. The cake, after all, is a pivotal part of any wedding reception. Your guests may not remember the music you chose to play or the flowers decorating the tables, but they’ll remember the cake. And your wedding pictures? The cake will be in plenty of those, too.

So what are the pros and cons of buttercream and fondant, and which should you choose?

What Is Fondant?

If you’ve had only minimal baking experience, it’s very likely that you aren’t too familiar with fondant. Traditional fondant is a simple, cooked mixture of powdered sugar and water, and it is widely preferred by professional decorators for its flexibility and smooth appearance.

The Pros And Cons

While fondant does have a sweet flavor, most cake lovers tend to think that it is much blander than buttercream. However, if you want the appearance of your wedding cake to steal the show, fondant might be your best option. It is firmer than buttercream and serves as an excellent base for more complex decorations. Fondant itself can be used as decoration, too, since it can be colored, shaped, or imprinted with special fondant rolling pins.

A Compromise?

If you’re continuing to feel indecisive, The Knot might give you some hope. Couples who desire the polished, perfect appearance of fondant and the sweet richness of buttercream are in luck because most bakers will be amenable to spreading a layer of buttercream between the cake and the outer layer of fondant. The best of both worlds? You better believe it.

To get an idea of the types of decoration possible with fondant, check out NY Cake’s education center for videos and inspiration. Plus, you might peruse their selection of fondant rolling pins to see the elegant results of imprinting in action.

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