Atomic Clothing Looks for the Rockabilly Fashionista

Rockabilly fashion is all about the pin-up with an edge, and Atomic Clothing is a staple in the industry. These looks are all about being a lady and a vixen at the same time, classic yet sinful, and tattoos paired with ladylike silhouettes. Here are a few looks that you’ll want to try if you’re into the rockabilly aesthetic.

Fancy and Ready to Frolic
Vintage-inspired cocktail dresses are the perfect way to wear Atomic Clothing styles to formal events where you still want to retain your identity. Whether you have a day job but crave old school glamour, or your daily life is full of champagne parties with high rollers, we have a roster of sequined numbers to keep all eyes on you. Sexy is as sexy does, and getting gussied up in one of our classiest ensembles will leave you feeling confident and ready to face an evening out on the town.

Hosiery to Die For
Hosiery is one of the key foundational elements of an outfit, regardless of what your aesthetic happens to be. When you’re going for the rockabilly look, though, you’ll always want to keep a few pairs of thigh highs in your lingerie drawer. These are not only sexy, but they recall the glory days of the pin-up model.

The Sky’s the Limit for Your Heels
Shoes can be show stoppers in and of themselves, and different styles and materials channel different eras. Think of 1950s pin-up Betty Brosmer with her tiny waist and enhanced stature while wearing sky high heels. You can also go a little more demure with our Harlow Heels which are a sassy take on the traditional saddle shoe, a style which was ubiquitous throughout the 50s, adapted into a sexier version for modern day wearers. These shoes pair well with a circle dress, and give off a playful air of sophistication.

Wearing Atomic Clothing styles requires a delicate combination of fun, frivolous, and rockabilly. You’ll find both edgy and ladylike styles on our site, which make it easy to pick and choose items as you assemble a look. Accessories also make a huge difference, so make sure you’re paying close attention when you add things like a belt or gloves. Take into account any body art you might already have, like sleeve tattoos, and plan your garments accordingly. If you want to show off that artwork on your arm while still channeling a vintage vibe, then make sure you focus on sleeveless or short sleeved dresses.
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