All About Designer Umbrellas

One day it’s sunny, and the next day you are ducking for cover from the unexpected rain showers. When the weather is erratic, a girl-on-the-go wants to be sure she has an elegant and sturdy umbrella ready to go. Just like stowing emergency makeup in your bag or keeping a pair of flats under your desk, a designer umbrella is a must. It’s the most practical of all accessories out there, but it can definitely be fun, fashionable, and stylish.

Patterns and Colors

While a rain umbrella has a very specific purpose, why not turn function into fabulous? A few raindrops needn’t make you blue. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from. Try a bold animal, funky floral, or refined polka dot print. A hint of pizzazz equals a colorful two-toned choice or even one with a double-ruffled edge can make a bold statement. A pretty, patterned canopy can serve as a form of artistic expression and can brighten any gray or gloomy day.

The color choices are as numerous as the rainbow. You can select green, navy, lavender, hot pink, orange, yellow, or white. A fun choice is a pattern on the canopy and a solid color on the inside. If you want your umbrella to be an understated accessory, try choosing a solid color on the outside of the umbrella and a different color on the inside.

Protection From the Elements

A designer umbrella can be more than a fashion statement It will offer protection from the rain with important features like steel, wind-resistant frames, specially made canopies, and automatic open and close buttons. A well-made umbrella won’t turn inside out when a gust of wind comes up. While it’s made with designer and fashion touches in mind, it is built to offer protection to you from the unexpected blustering downpours.

If keeping the sun off your head and face is important to you, a designer umbrella can do just that. You can select one that is UV protected and actually offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Take it with you to the beach, when you walk your dog, or on your next sunny day visit to the zoo.

Not only is a designer umbrella civilized, it can also be amazingly chic. Every girl should subscribe to the Boy Scout motto of “Being Prepared”. If you are prepared with your designer umbrella, you will find that dark, gray storm clouds surely have silver linings. Bottom line—an umbrella just might be your most essential accessory.

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