A Unique Furniture Store in Manhattan, NY

Most furniture stores have many items in stock for purchase. People visit the showroom, view displays, and make a selection of furniture for one room, or the entire home. The furniture may or may be of high quality, but it will definitely look like the furniture in everyone else’s home. Mass produced furniture was convenient and inexpensive, for the most part, so it can be found in just about any home in the neighborhood. Custom furniture is usually associated with wealth, but that does not have to be the case. There is a unique Furniture Store in Manhattan, NY that offers custom-crafted hardwood furniture for the home and yard that is affordable.

A showroom provides examples of furniture styles, sizes, and possible variations, but each order begins with raw wood. Customers can choose from what is displayed and select options for legs, hardware, stains, and finishing, or have a piece made to their own specifications. The Furniture Store in Manhattan, NY is only part of the facility, established in 1953. The showroom, factory, and craftsman shops are all in the same place, so furniture is made to order right on the property. Customers can then pick it up, or have it shipped to any final destination. Every piece is made from local hardwood that is harvested responsibly and sustainable. Options include oak, maple, and cherry wood, with several stains available for each. Stains can also be color matched to existing furniture if desired.

Pieces are made to order using a blend of state-of-the-art equipment and handcrafted techniques to keep furniture cost-effective. The wood, for example, is sanded and assembled by hand. Drawers for hutches, cabinets, home office desks and dressers are dovetailed by hand and glued as well for durability and strength. Distressing techniques are all completed by hand for a flawless look. All furniture is signed and dated by the craftsman, and the logo is burned into the back. A unique store, such as Esquire that provides top quality at affordable pricing is not easy to find. Customers can view examples of styles, options, and capabilities online, and can order furniture in person, via email, or by telephone.

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