A Brief Guide to the Top Cake Baking Accessories for Beginners

Celebrating a special occasion? A beautifully decorated cake might be one of the top things on your mind. If you’re a newbie to cake decorating, then it’s often daunting to walk past the baking aisle with so many cake baking accessories to choose from. Here’s a list of essential cake supplies that will help you get started on your journey of creating Instagram-worthy cakes.

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand

This one features topmost on our list because it makes life easy when you’re trying to decorate a cake for the first time. You’ll find that it’s so much more convenient to frost the cake uniformly when it’s placed atop a revolving stand. The cake revolves as you work at adding all those pretty details, taking the stress out of you having to go in circles when trying to decorate the cake.

Angled Icing Spatula

When you’re decorating your first cakes, you’ll most likely be working with simpler techniques such as frosting. An offset spatula helps you spread the frosting evenly across the cake. An angled icing spatula works better than a typical spatula and is a recommended tool in your cake baking accessories kit.

Food Dye

Gorgeous-looking cakes are made with beautiful colors. Food colors help you create the perfect color of frosting. Invest in a set of food coloring. You can choose from the numerous options available, including natural, liquid or powdered food dye.

Piping Tips

Get a starter kit of piping tips to start decorating your cake with simple yet intricate patterns. Most decorator piping sets come with standard tips like round, star and petal. Once you’ve got a hold on creating simple details using these piping tips, you can add more to the set.

Fondant Rollers

While fondant is a more advanced cake decorating technique, if you think you’re ready for fondant decorating, then add fondant rollers to your beginner’s cake supplies kit. Fondant rollers help you smooth out the fondant, giving a flawless finish to your cake.

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