9 Common Misconceptions About Jewelry Repair

Misinformation about jewelry repair abounds, causing many consumers to make unfortunate decisions. To avoid making mistakes with jewelry repair, do some research first and know what to expect.

  1. Jewelry is maintenance-free. By far the biggest misconception people have is that jewelry just sits in a box. This common misconception leads to the most common mistake people make, which is not taking their jewelry in for maintenance. Maintenance prevents almost all problems, from losing stones to losing the entire piece!
  2. Repairs are only for serious damage. Jewelry repairs are far more cost-effective when you address small problems rather than waiting for something really bad to happen.
  3. Jewelry cleaning is a DIY job. While all jewelers can recommend a personalized guide for home cleaning your jewelry, it is also strongly recommended that you take in your jewelry for professional cleaning regularly.
  4. Repairs are too expensive. Not all repairs are going to be expensive, and many will increase the value of your jewelry, making it a good investment.
  5. Jewelry repair takes too long. Good jewelers like Lincroft will offer rush service, sometimes even on the same day.
  6. Repairs are only for broken pieces. When you inherit an heirloom, it might be in perfect condition, but you are not wearing the piece because it does not fit you properly. A repair can also mean resizing.
  7. This piece of jewelry is beyond repair. Nothing is beyond repair. In fact, a good jeweler can transform an old piece into something new and striking.
  8. It is fine to wear a piece of ill-fitting or broken jewelry. No matter how careful you are, this is a dangerous and expensive policy. Why take chances?
  9. You can only take it to where it was purchased. A jeweler like Lincroft will repair jewelry that was bought halfway around the world. It makes no difference where it was bought, only that you care about the piece and want it to last forever.
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