Recumbent Bikes Provide A Good Cardio Workout

Have you ever noticed the ear to ear grin on people riding recumbent bikes? Most people think the riders are just cruising and having a good time. Others think these riders are lazy. However, seeing a recumbent trike car rack holding a recumbent bike actually means the rider is in for a great workout.

When people think of cardio, they think of an upright bike in the gym or at home. They’re seated on a tiny seat, hunched over, and pumping their legs for all they’re worth. The heart is pumping, oxygenated blood is getting into the body, and calories are being burned. So what kind of workout can be expected from a recumbent bike?

Recumbent Bike Benefits

>The reclining seat supports the back so there will be no lower back pain

>The joints aren’t stressed

>Both low and high impact workouts

>Various levels of resistance for better core and leg workouts

>Excellent cardio workout

>Less upper body tension and tired muscles


One study tested senior women for muscle strength and function following eight weeks on recumbent bikes. The study found that both high and low impact programs improved their strength and function comparable to resistance training.

Research is showing that recumbent bikes deliver just as good, if not better, workouts than upright bikes. They provide a safe and effective way of getting a challenging workout. The next time you see a recumbent trike car rack, you’ll know that the rider is not just serious about his/her health, but maintaining it safely. You might want one for yourself.

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