Looking For A Wall Bed In Manhattan, NY?

A wall bed is a bed that can be placed vertically against a wall using a hinge. It can also be stored in a cabinet or closet. Another term for this type of bed is a Murphy bed, named for William Murphy, the inventor of various designs of fold up beds. Murphy beds were designed to save space and can provide many benefits. One company from which you can get a Wall Bed In Manhattan, NY is Manhattan Cabinetry. Since 1976, they have been building wall beds as well as other types of furniture.

There is a legend that William Murphy first created a wall bed because he had a studio apartment, and it was frowned upon for women to go into a man’s bedroom. Making use of a fold up bed solved this problem since he could automatically convert his bedroom into a lounge. The ability to convert a room is one major benefit of the Murphy bed. For people with small rooms or one-bedroom apartments, they can use the bed at night, folding it up in the day for a work or play area. Another benefit to them is that many modern designs allow you to convert them to a shelf or other kinds of furniture.

As mentioned, Manhattan Cabinetry builds wall beds. An advantage to Manhattan Cabinetry is their commitment to designing a wall bed according to your specifications. Their motto is “If you can imagine it, we can build it,” and they offer a wide range of materials and styles to choose from. In addition to this, they will offer you the option to position the bed among cabinets or shelves. Other furniture the company builds includes tables, entertainment centers, bars, bathrooms, desks, home offices and libraries.

Wall beds can offer many benefits for people who wish to save space while updating the look of their room. For people who want a Wall Bed in Manhattan, NY, Manhattan Cabinetry may be a furniture builder to consider. They may be an attractive company to look into due to their large amount of experience and their desire to customize furniture to your needs.


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