How To Get Cash For Gold Jewelry

People who need to get money quickly often look towards options like loans, but those can take far too much time to get. Most banks need days if not weeks to process a cash loan request, and only people who have superior credit ratings tend to actually get approvals. An option that many people may not even be aware of is selling their gold jewelry. The amount of Cash For Gold Jewelry is currently very high due to the high market value of gold.

Getting cash for any type of gold jewelry is extremely easy. The most important thing to verify ahead of time is whether the gold is genuine or not. A genuine gold piece will have a stamp on it. This stamp is usually very small and may be hidden away in a place like the necklace clasp, the underside of the ring, or the underside of a bracelet link. The gold stamps vary according to the karat weight of the gold. The lower karat weights indicate a lower purity in gold. For example, a bracelet marked with a “10k” is 10 karat gold. That means that the gold is 10 parts of pure gold metal and 14 parts of other metals. While the gold is not entirely pure gold, that does not detract from its inherent value. The higher the karat mark, the more money the gold is worth to a buyer.

The other gold stamps are “12k,” “14k,” “18k,” “22k,” and “24k.” By far the most common gold stamps are the 18k, 14k, and 10k stamps. Any gold that is higher than 18k is very soft. The softer the gold, the less viable that it tends to be like a jewelry piece. Most jewelry is worn on a daily basis, or at least on a semi-regular basis. This means that the piece will become dented, scratched, and otherwise damaged too much if it’s a higher karat of gold. If you need some quick Cash For Gold Jewelry, consider a local jewelry store like Palisade Jewelers. You can find out more about selling gold from their website, found at Website online. You can also follow them on Pinterest.

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