Hey Ladies! Here’s How to Find High-Quality Women’s Shoulder Bags

While men are stuck with their skimpy wallets that can barely hold anything more than bills and a few cards, women have the upper hand in being able to carry a shoulder bag around. They can fit a lot more inside than men can in their wallets, while helping ladies look stylish and chic at the same time!

However, women just can’t seem to find happiness. Even though they may tout the superiority of this essential accessory, they just can’t stop looking for that one perfect shoulder bag that will complement their attire in the way that they want. It has to be the right brand, the right material, the right look; it has to have just the right amount of space, and have EXACTLY 24 pockets or else it’s useless.

Women might think that it all comes down to how it looks, but there’s so much more to a good handbag. If anything, you should be looking at quality before you start worrying about how fashionable it is and how much you can fit inside.

Why Should I Care about Quality in the First Place?

Think about it this way: You’re going to be blowing a ton of cash on expensive women’s shoulder bags at the expense of your boyfriend, husband, or father yelling at you for being ‘careless’ with your money. The least you can do is make sure that handbag will last you for a couple of years, so make a good investment and make it only once! Take the advice of many wise women before you, and accept that you will be spending a lot more money if you have to keep buying new handbags because your last one broke on you.

What Should I Look for?

Easy to Open: Whether your handbag is kept shut by a magnet, zipper, or even a snap strap, you shouldn’t have to force it open. If the latter is true, there’s a good chance that you might accidentally rip out more than the contents that you have inside.

High-Strength Straps: You’re going to have this handbag on your shoulder constantly, so you want to make sure it will be comfortable while holding the weight of the content without breaking. Wide straps are your best choice; narrow ones tend to break more easily under heavier weight. Plus, narrow ones will dig more into your shoulder and lead to chronic pain if your posture isn’t adjusted accordingly. Whether or not you will need an adjustable strap is up to personal preference, so try it on and walk around with it before making your purchase.

Any Loose Connections: This includes things such as stitching, seaming, and zippers. If any of these are too loose, especially at the touching point between the strap and the bag itself, there’s a high chance that your bag will break more easily.

Poor-Quality Materials: All you need to know is that non-leather material should be thick, and real leather should have a soft feel to it.

In short, if you’re in the market for new women’s shoulder bags, do yourself a favor and check your purchase to make sure it is high quality and durable for the next few years. You may be paying more money now, but you’ll save a lot more in the future with all the crappy handbags that you WON’T have to buy.

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