Choosing the Perfect Moonbounce Rentals for Your Party

When planning a summer party or an outside birthday party for their child, many parents consider the option of moonbounce rentals to keep their littlest guest entertained.  Although parents often consider purchasing their own inflatable structure so that it can be used over and over, those who do make this investment often find that it is not cost effective.  Storing the moonbounce, handling air leaks and tears, and other general maintenance issues often leave the parents wishing they had simply rented a separate bouncer specifically for each of their party needs.  When choosing the more cost-effective, hassle-free option of renting a moonbounce, there are several considerations to make before choosing the best structure for your event.

How many guests are you expecting, and what are their ages?
It is important to select a bounce house that is the appropriate size for the number of children you plan on entertaining at your event.  Moonbounce rentals range from basic, small structures, made for eight to ten children, all the way up to giant, industrial-sized inflatables that accommodate many children and offer features such as slides, obstacle courses and splash pool areas.  Parents may find that small, simple moonbounces are perfect for toddlers, but may desire a larger, more intricate inflatable for older children.

Have you shopped around?
Most party planners suggest contacting at least three companies that provide moonbounce rentals in your area to obtain a price quote.  Different companies can offer differing specials and discounts, or may have drastic differences in their standard pricing list.  Do not be afraid to negotiate prices, or to inquire about lower rates for booking far in advance.  Also, know that weekday rentals are typically significantly less expensive than weekend ones.  Getting the best deal in town on your bounce house will free up money in your party budget for more important things.

A&S Play Zone offers competitively priced inflatable rentals, as well as a wide array of other rentals and services for all of your event planning needs.  Go to and learn more about the options we have to offer.

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