3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Tongue Pierced

Tongue piercings are often thought of as edgy, sensual, and cool. While tongue piercings were all the rage in the ’90s, they’re just as popular now.

If you’re thinking about getting your tongue pierced, make sure you know these three things before you go:

Will Getting a Tongue Piercing Hurt?

Piercings generally hurt, but experts say that piercing your tongue hurts less than accidentally biting it. After the first piercing, your mouth may feel uncomfortable in the next few days, but you should be able to speak and eat normally shortly after.

Remember, the tongue heals relatively quickly. Should you ever take your piercing out, the hole will close within a couple of hours.

Should You Pierce Your Own Tongue?

If you’re too excited to wait for an appointment with a professional piercer, you may be thinking about piercing your own tongue. While it’s possible, it’s very dangerous to do so.

Qualified piercers use professional equipment and techniques to safely pierce their clients. Likewise, they’ll be able to provide you with safe tongue ring barbells and other jewelry that won’t cause an adverse reaction to your mouth.

How Do You Keep a Tongue Piercing Clean?

Piercings and the area around them should be kept clean to avoid infection. For tongue piercing, you should clean your mouth twice a day using warm water to rinse.

If you need to touch your tongue ring barbells, always wash your hands first to prevent infecting the area with germs.

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