Tutu Skirts: Classic with A Twist

Fashion is an ever-evolving aspect of society. Designers push the envelope season after season, and people use clothing to express themselves through fabric, color, and style. If you are a skirt-wearer, tutu skirts can be a cute, fun twist on a classic skirt, and the options for wearing them are endless.

Tutu skirts are simple to make. The most basic of skirts can be made with several yards of tulle, a pretty ribbon or band of elastic to join the skirt together, and some thread. There are plenty of free tutorials online that will take you through the steps necessary to create your own tutu skirt. It could even be a fun project with a sibling or child: creating two fun, matching skirts, or going wild with each person’s particular tastes. The skirts can be long or short, evoking a dreamy, regal air, or imitating the short tutus of ballerinas. The skirts also share the benefit of being simple to customize.

Besides a funky addition to an outfit, tutu skirts, surprisingly, could make an elegant appearance at a wedding. The skirts, with their customizable length and colors, create a beautiful, smoky silhouette. A bride could easily wear a striking skirt like this on her wedding day for an unusual but memorable gown.

Perhaps the bride already has a dream gown picked out. Her bridesmaids could wear their own skirts as part of the bridal party. Tutu skirts are such an elegant twist on the traditional bridal party gown, and they retain an air of fun while still appearing soft and pretty. Or, perhaps you as the guest have been inspired to wear your own skirt to a wedding! The options are endless, and the rules of fashion can be very simple: wear what you like, and love what you wear.

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