Stressless Recliners – Zero Gravity Relaxation

Stressless recliners are everywhere. You’ve probably seen them. Those leather chairs that have a frame connected to a round pedestal base and sit in front of an ottoman footrest. You’ve probably seen Stressless recliners in living rooms, basements and even kitchens. These chairs are possibly some of the most popular chairs in the world. They are built for optimal comfort and to create a sense of complete relaxation in the user. In this article, we’ll take a look at how these chairs work, what make them so special and why they have been one of the most successful reclining armchairs over the last 40 years.

A History of Stressless Recliners

Stressless recliners are a product of a Norwegian company named Ekornes Furniture. Ekornes started creating furniture in 1934, but introduced their recliners – the product that would change the face of their company – in 1971. Since that time, these chairs have developed into a revolutionary piece of furniture that has changed the world of comfortable seating.

What Makes Stressless Recliners So Popular

The Zero Gravity Design

Stressless recliners are different from other armchairs and recliners in a lot of ways. But the most important is the patented zero gravity sign. The chairs sit on top of a horizontal aluminum pole that allows it to move with the person sitting in it. There is a friction control knob that allows the user to choose how much resistance the chair has against them. This is important for when they are choosing between leaning forward and using their computer or lying back to take a nap. When it comes down to it, Stressless recliners are unlike any other seating option on the market. They’re original and considered one of the most relaxing seating options on the market.

Fabric and Color Options

There are so many options when it comes to choosing from Stressless recliners that it really makes it a revolutionary seating option. There are tons of fabrics to choose from, and they all stand up to the levels of comfort that one has come to expect from Ekornes furniture. And then there are the colors. There are Stressless recliners to fit in every room of the house. You can choose from every color under the rainbow, and they are sure to have a color that will match the color scheme of your living room, kitchen or basement.

The Overall Feel

When you combine the zero gravity design with the fabric used in these chairs, you have a recliner that creates a completely stress-free experience. And I guess that’s where they came up with the name! These chairs are said to bring relaxation to a whole new level. Instead of simply sitting in a chair, you’re sitting in something that is extremely cozy and promotes peacefulness.

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