A Brief Introduction to Sorbet

Everyone loves something cool and sweet on a hot day and for most people, ice cream in the answer. However, over the years, a new tasty treat is really making an impression on people. This icy cold, fruity option is known as sorbet, and is a water, not dairy based, frozen concoction. Many people compare sorbet to ice cream, and though they look similar and are both cold treats, they are not the same thing. Most sorbet flavors, for instance, are fruit flavors where ice cream flavors are often based on confections. Interested in learning more about sorbet? Read on:

Main Differences Between Sorbet and Ice Cream

As mentioned, sorbet is made of water, not dairy, like ice cream is. That means that sorbet will take on a different consistency than ice cream. That is only one of the differences, however. There are definitely more. Another difference between sorbet and ice cream is that sorbet is lower in fat and calories, which means those who are concerned by their waistline can even indulge is this cold treat. On top of that, sorbet is often flavored with real fruit juice and puree as well as liquor, in some cases. It is also whipped, as to improve the consistency. This gives you a much lighter and more airy feel when comparing it to ice cream.

Why Sorbet is a Great Choice

As mentioned, sorbet is water based and low fat which means it is great for those who are lactose intolerant or for those who are dieting. Most people will also claim that sorbet is tastier and more flavorful than similar ice creams. For instance, a strawberry sorbet will taste much more like real strawberries than strawberry ice cream. Speaking of sorbet flavors, since sorbet is fruit and water based, in most cases, you will find mostly fruit flavors when buying sorbet. This is a great thing because you can really come up with some wonderful, tasty and healthy fruit concoctions.

If you are interested in trying sorbet, selling sorbet in your retail establishment or learning more about the process of making sorbet, there are a number of high quality manufacturers of the product out there. Typically you can find some of the top companies by doing a simple internet search.

For a great selection of sorbet flavors, contact G.S. Gelato & Sorbet. You can reach them online at website or by phone.

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